Pancard Applied

Pancard has a 10 digit number which is mandatory almost every where now. It does not matter to which caste you belong to. Pancard is as important as a aadhar card. We will provide pancard for you at affordable cost and you will receive it through our website easily.


Went to a hill station or hit a beach without recharge. Do not worry use our services from anywhere and do not let your mood down. We provide fast and easy recharge services for our customers.

Money Transfer

Sometimes there is an urgent need of money transferring and no you do not have any bank near you. When it happens use our Money transfer service and help your family members without worrying about anything. Use our portal and its easy services.

Insurance Policy

One thing that every man worries about is his family. To protect them from any type of problem after you, you must have taken a policy. Pay your insurance policy on time with our services and enjoy your time with your family.

Aadhaar Card

Every where you go whether it is for admission of colleges or school. Even your 3 year old daughter for her play school need a aadhar card to prove her identity. In case you forgot to make one use our portal to create your aadhar card in easy steps and at affordable cost.

Electricity Bill

If your mothers tells you to pay your electricity bill first thing that you think of is digital pay and the website that provides easy services for you. Use our portal and pay your electricity bill in a few easy steps without wandering to the nearest shop to pay it.

Domicile Certificate

Domicile certificate is what people ask from you if you want to enter any government related institute or education field. If you are not having it and thinking of applying for a government job, apply for a domicile certificate right now through our services with a few easy steps.

Caste Certificate

There is something that every SC ST and OBC people need to make this life easy it is known as a caste certificate. You all need this to open your bank accounts, for admissions and many other things. Apply for your certificate now through our portal.

First Page On Google

Swadesh Digital Point is genuine online portal on the internet. Google loves our services so that we will be at firs page soon.